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We offer Bed Bug preventive treatments for those who travel frequently.

We don’t need to tell you there is a worldwide Bed Bug infestation and many many rooms in hotels, motels and bed and breakfast of every price category are at high contamination risk.

If you do not watch out for Bugs, you might easily bring them home.

There is no prevention better than vigilance. When you enter your room, put your luggage on a piece of furniture like a dresser or a table, but don’t put it on the bed or the floor.

Then, start checking around the bed structure, the mattress, the box spring, on the bed sheets and on the pillowcases for little blood stains or little black dots that look like black ink splotches. (look at the pictures).

If you see these traces, ask the manager to change your room because it is probably infested with Bed Bugs.

The biggest problem lies in well cleaned rooms where the bugs are hidden in hard to inspect places.

As soon as you are deeply asleep, the bugs will come out, feast on your blood, and then hide again, possibly in your suitcase or any objects lying on the floor.

At that point, you will not know you are bringing them home with you…

That’s why we offer a luggage treatment, as a prevention. The treatment will eliminate the bugs who try to hide inside your bags and among your clothes.

We follow Health Canada and Quebec’s Ministry of Environment recommendations to the letter to make sure we apply pesticides as safely as possible.

We work for you and we care about your health.


You want to know more about this insect, visit our Bed Bug information page.


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