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You are being bitten on your legs or ankles in the house? You have a cat or a dog? Don’t look any further, you probably have fleas.

A flea is a very small blood sucking insect. About 2-4 mm long, it is vertically flat and can make 40 cm jumps. If a small insect bites you and jumps away, there is a very good chances it’s a flea.

Look for brownish insects the size of a sesame seed.

The biggest problem with this insect is that its bite can transmit many human diseases and it multiplies very very quickly. Every female flea lays about 20 eggs a day for a few weeks around its preys and the eggs fall around in the

immediate environment. Assuming one generation per month and ideal conditions, two fleas could hypothetically produce about 16 million fleas in less than three months!

To detect them, you can lay a white bed sheet on the floor and strongly brush your pet’s fur over it. If the animal had fleas, you will see very little brown insects falling on the sheet.

You can also wear white socks while staying at home, the fleas will try to bite your legs and calves and it will be easy to spot them.

Sometimes you can hear a light ticking sound associated to the insect’s jumping.

You should also inspect the locations where your pets spend the most time to identify the infestation’s source.

Do not use insecticides sold in popular stores, you will scare them away and they will infest other parts of the building.

You need a residual insecticide treatment if you want to get rid of them. Contact-Us!

To learn more about this insect, visit our information page about the flea.

We eliminate 100% of the fleas.

We follow Health Canada and Quebec’s Ministry of Environment recommendations to the letter to make sure we apply pesticides as safely as possible.

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