Video of a carpenter ant queen

Destruction of a Carpenter Ant Nest

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You see very big ants in your house? They appear mostly during warm and sunny days? They are carpenter ants.
This insect’s presence is considered a hidden defect of your building and these ants can cause a lot of damage. Don’t waste time, you have to act quickly.
Our business specializes in the treatment of parasites living inside building structures like carpenter ants.
On top of our pest control government licenses, we own a RBQ general contractor license which proves our exhaustive knowledge of building structures and their components.

When you see ants that resemble the ones in the pictures crawling around your house and you see them quite often there are two possibilities:

  • During warm periods, they come from outside your house and they are looking for a new spot to build a nest ( inside your house ) or
  • They are already nesting inside your walls and they are scouting to establish a new peripheral nest in another part of the building’s structure. They are also looking for food ( If you see them during winter time, that’s it )

In both cases you have to apply a treatment to eliminate the ants. You can contact us and we will send an inspector to assess the extent of the problem.

Before the expert’s appointment, be vigilant, follow the ants’ trail and try to discover their point of entry and exit from the building (inside or outside). That way, it will be a lot easier to locate the nest (s).

Once the expert confirms you that you have carpenter ants in your walls, the logical course of action is to get a treatment to get rid of them. Read below for more info on the treatment.

Learn more about this insect by visiting our information page about the carpenter ant.

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Once you have decided to go forward with the treatment, we send you a preparation document telling you what to do before treatment and security measures to be taken for you and your pets.


  • We make a perimeter with a long lasting insecticide along the base of the walls to limit the relocation of the nest.
  • We identify the structure’s weak points, water leaks, rotten wood etc ( the specialist will inspect and give you a report)
  • We inject a residual insecticide powder inside the walls near water sources or water leaks to destroy the nest(s) where they are using powerful pneumatic dusters.
  • We will also apply powder in vulnerable spots in basements or in attics.
  • If we find the nest, we will ask you if we can open the structure to eliminate the ants directly inside the walls. (see video)
  • If the nest is unreachable and protected from the powder, we will use a specialized machine that allows us to inject insecticide inside the smallest openings and to blow it along cracks and tunnels. The mist injected is actually ultrasound vaporized micro droplets of insecticide carried by a light ventilation system. It will run through all parts of the ant nest. This technique is extremely effective against well hidden nests.
  • Then you have to be vigilant and look for the presence of other nests in the structure. Once another nest is located, the procedure will have to be repeated. We destroy up to two nests without additional costs.
  • We give a one year warranty on the control of the treated nests. 


  • On the first treatment, we treat along the outside perimeter of the building to create a barrier around the house preventing the ants from coming back.
  • We use special bait around the infested building to attract the ants’ attention away from the affected structure. They bring the poison back to their nest and this reduces the ant population around the building.
  • We inspect the trees around the infested building to find signs of carpenter ant colonies. It is only by eliminating the main colony that you will definitely end the problem. The main nest can be as far as 100 meters from the infested structure.
  • The bait barrier has to be renewed every year if you want to insure a complete protection of the building.
  • If you renew it the next year as suggested, we will extend the interior warranty for another year, insuring a complete and long term protection.

We follow Health Canada and Quebec’s Ministry of Environment recommendations to the letter to make sure we apply pesticides as safely as possible.

We work for you and we care about your health.

We work in the greater Montreal area, in Longueuil, Laval, the north shore and the south shore.

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