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  If you see them in the kitchen, they are probably Indian Meal Moths and they are feeding on your food; flour, pasta or rice.

If they are white and you find them mostly in the bedrooms or closets, you probably have Cloth Moths and they are eating your clothes or a carpet.


What is certain, is that these insects lay eggs in cracks and fissures around the house and they are very hard to get rid of.


  The Indian Meal Moth can be introduced in your house in many different ways. Most of the time you will have bought some infested product and they have reproduced. (Bird feed, rice, pasta, cereals etc).

You can recognize their nesting location by the numerous silk threads mixed through the food.

If you find such infested food, throw it away, their droppings contain a toxin that can be harmful to humans.


As for the Indian Meal Moth, the Cloth Moth comes out in the dark and you can see them flying around when you turn off the lights.

The Cloth Moth is mostly interested in textiles of animal origin like wool but they will also eat cotton or flax.

They lay eggs on piles of clothes that have been left in the same place for a long period of time and their larvae will chew holes through them to feed.


Visit our information page on the Indian Meal Moth to learn more about this insect.

Or visit our information page on the Cloth Moth to learn about that one.


You don’t know what to do to get rid of them? Call us, we can help you. there are hormonal bait traps that can eliminate them.


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