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Description :

silver gray color with metallic reflections,
These insects are also called silverfish.
Their body is slender, wingless and covered with fine scales.
They are characterized by the presence of two long antennae on the head and
3 rigid filaments at the end of the abdomen.
Adult size is 13 mm in their adult form.

There is also a similar bug and it’s called firebrat, but it is gray brown with
dark spots on the back.


During its lifetime, a female lays 10 to 100 eggs that she puts into
cracks and fissures, and sometimes in the open. Hatching takes 20 to
40 days and the young already look like adults.
They grow slowly and reach their maximum size after 3 years.
At that age the females are ready to spawn.
Silverfish have a life expectancy of 7 years and can survive a 300 day fast.


Silverfish and firebrats are found in apartment buildings,
offices, bakeries, libraries, private homes etc …
The silverfish can be found everywhere in the house, but especially in damp locations
where the temperature is around 22 ° C to 27 ° C. The firebrat is found mainly in
warm and humid places with temperatures ranging between 27 ° C and 41 ° C, like
around the hot water tank and heat vents.

These insects prefer dark places and hide when they are disturbed.
They feed on starch products, resin, glue and other derivatives that
contain it such as certain textile products, bookbinding and wallpaper. They
occasionally infest wheat flour and oats.


Before starting any treatment, you must detect the main areas of
To detect them, you can use a glass you have covered in
adhesive tape (masking tape). The silverfish will climb on the
glass and get trapped because it can’t climb on smooth surfaces.
You can put a cardboard coated with a mixture of water and flour in the glass
to attract them.

Then we must clean the infested areas and vacuum places where they are
likely to hide and grow.

Treatments can be applied but should be administered by
specialists to make sure that all sources of infestation are treated.

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