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We do not offer you prevention we offer protection… There’s a world of difference…

We probably don’t have to tell you that Bed Bugs are carried by humans from one place to the other and that you only need one insect to begin a new infestation.

The more traffic and tenants you have, the more exposed you are. Better safe than sorry…

Other pest control companies offer you a prevention service where they come once a month and lay glue traps to detect a potential infestation… But in truth,

every time you call a pest control company, it’s mostly because you had tenant complaints about a certain problem…  

If you reached that step already, you have to assume that the Bugs or rodents have been there for months and they have begun biting or scaring your tenants a while ago…

Your reputation has already been stained… You are losing money…

Let’s be realistic, these glue trap services they offer are a waste of money, knowing the amount these Bed Bug, rodent or Cockroach problems cost you in loss of rent money and reputation…

Not even counting the cost to have these problems treated…

We are a pest control business located in Montreal and we specialize in eliminating parasites who thrive inside building structures ( Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Rats, Mice, cockroaches etc).

We are also very efficient at treating all other pest problems.

We also have an exterior treatment division ( Anti-Spider Spraying, White Grub Treatment, Wasp and Ant Control).

We Own a General Contraction License from Quebec’s Régie Du Bâtiment (RBQ) attesting our extensive knowledge of building structures and its components.

All our technicians have a pesticide application license from Quebec’s Ministry of Environment and the business has a C5 license from the same Ministry.
The license number is: p551163

We work for the government, municipalities, hospitals, hotels, property management companies, restaurants, businesses and home owners.

The size of the problem doesn’t matter to us, we will solve it.


Contrary to other companies, we offer to permanently protect all or some rooms and common areas of your apartment buildings with a residual insecticide, a REAL protection from infestations.

That way, instead of putting out fires all the time, you simply don’t let them start…

This treatment offers protection from common threats to apartment buildings such as Bed Bugs, Cockroaches spiders and other crawling insects.

If you get a yearly protection plan, you get serious rebates on all treatments that are made in your building. 

Contact us to get more détails.

We offer an ” à la carte” pest control service designed to solve your specific pest problems.

Might they be mice, rats, raccoons, skunks or insects like Bed Bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches, fleas, wasps or spiders, we will solve your problem..

Bed Bug Problems:


Very few new tenants tell their new landlord they have Bed Bugs. Be proactive, a preventive treatment is the solution.


Bed Bugs are a terrible problem for apartment building owners.

Whether they come from moving trucks or from the tenants’ travels, These bugs are easily transported and they infest whole buildings very quickly.

That’s where we tell building owners to treat preemptively for Bed Bugs in the empty apartments who will welcome new tenants. (rebates for yearly protection plan)

The preventive treatments only costs 150$ per treated apartment and they create a chemical barrier between the Bed Bugs potentially introduced by the new tenants and the building’s structure (the walls).

We spray the base of the walls with a residual insecticide to poison any Bed Bug who would try to escape the moving boxes and run for the walls.

Moreover, if the new tenants had Bed Bugs without being aware of them, the insecticide’s presence will frighten them and the bugs will reveal themselves by biting even more to survive.

You can then kill two birds with one stone… You protect your building from a possible infestation and you quickly detect new Bed Bug presence, before they can colonize the whole building a few months later.

The insecticide lasts for about 3 to 4 months and will also eliminate any other type of crawling insect living in your apartments: silverfish, centipedes, ants, spiders, cockroaches etc.

Don’t forget that, by law, you are responsible for all treatments concerning the sanitary state of your buildings.

Visit the parasites section of our website to learn more about these insects.


When you discover an infested apartment… You have to act quickly. (rebates for yearly protection plan)

If you only treat the infested apartment, the insecticide used to treat the Bed Bugs will scare some of the Bugs away to neighbor apartment through the walls and

the whole treatment process will begin anew in new apartments a few weeks later.

A vicious circle of infestation will establish itself and it will become very hard to get rid of the bugs because the whole building will become contaminated.

If you find bugs, first, you have to contact a pest control company specialized in the treatment of Bed Bugs to get rid of them. WE ARE A GOOD ONE!

You will also have to preemptively treat the surrounding  apartments to prevent the fleeing bugs from colonizing somewhere else and re-infest a few weeks later.

( 150$ per apartment, but essential —rebates for yearly protection plan)

For a treatment to be effective, the insecticide has to be powerful and long lasting to insure the elimination of the bugs coming from the next few eggs hatching.

Learn more about this insect by visiting our Bed Bug information page

to know more about the treatment itself, visit the Bed Bug Treatment page.

Trust us, we have experience, government accreditation and licenses to solve all your problems.

We are specialists and we work with the most prestigious establishments in Montreal.

Contact-us! We will be happy to help you and give you more information.

We work in the greater Montreal area, in Longueuil, Laval, the north shore and the south shore.

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