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Latin name: Drosophilidae

Description :

It is often called fruit fly.
They are 2 to 4 mm long.
The color ranges can vary a lot.
The abdomen of the male is dark.
The eyes are often bright red.
It sports small antennas which end in a duster shape.
Its wings are small and they look wrinkled.

The larvae are about 5mm long and look like a white worm.


The life cycle of Drosophila lasts for 8 to 15 days depending on temperature.
They lay about 400 eggs on rotting fruit or sugary liquids.
The eggs are very small, about half a mm long.
The eggs hatch 24 hours after spawning and larvae will grow for
about 5 days. The larvae will then take their adult form, a process that will
takes another 5 days. Only 12 hours after the final transformation, the female
mates to continue the cycle.


Infestations occur mostly in summer and in heated places.
Drosophila adults pick very ripe or rotting fruit to lay their eggs.
They accelerate the phenomenon of decomposition with the microorganisms
they carry. They are also attracted to vinegar and other fermented liquids.


To avoid being infested with fruit flies: leave fruits and vegetables in
the refrigerator, clean the floor regularly, make sure you do not leave leftover
juice, wine or beer in bottles, make sure to rinse them before
storing or discarding them. Eliminate sources of standing water where they can lay their eggs and
always put a drop of soap in the dishes and pans you leave in the sink.

Treatments can be applied but should be administered
by specialists to make sure that all sources of infestation are treated.


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