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Big companies or ”guy with a van” type moving businesses all repeat the same story over and over: come with us, we treat for bedbugs and your things are safe in our trucks.

But that is a lie.

The problem with Bed Bug cross contamination comes from the blankets they use to protect the furniture and the trucks themselves. The contamination factor expands according to the number of jobs they do between each treatment.

To be able to really prevent any Bed Bug exchange, they should be able to guarantee that all the trucks are fumigated between every job and all the blankets are hot washed and hot dried at the same time.

Can you imagine the costs?

So instead of doing it, they lie and they guarantee that your things are safe with them…

But, when you discover the bugs in your place, it is too late… They will deny any responsibility.

When a moving company tells you that they have the best Bed Bug treatment on the planet and you need not worry…



Learn more about the insect by visiting our Bed Bug information page.

Make sure you do not bring Bed Bugs to your new house by doing a preventive treatment.


We follow Health Canada and Quebec’s Ministry of Environment recommendations to the letter to make sure we apply pesticides as safely as possible.

We work for you and we care about your health.


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