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Tired of spiders and spiderwebs all over the place?

If you live close to water or your house is surrounded by nature, you are bound to have tons of spiders around you.

They like dark, damp environments and at night they are attracted by light sources like lanterns or spotlights.

Trust us, we have been doing anti-spider treatments for the past 17 years and we have a lot of customers around Venise en Québec (surrounded by water) or around the Richelieu river.

If the treatment works close to water, it will do the job anywhere.

We also work for businesses and restaurants who have storefronts and illuminated signs. We also treat apartment buildings, warehouses and condo towers.

You don’t like killing insects for nothing, but you are disgusted by all these webs and spiders sliding down on their silk threads in front of your windows…

CALL US we will take care of them.

Our goal is to break their reproduction cycle to slow their proliferation rate. We do not want to kill everything that moves around your house.

We work for you and we care about your health.

We will come as needed during summer to make sure you have a minimal spider presence.

We target pool sides, pool decks, shacks garages, roof dormers, soffit and all spotlights located around the house.

We also do White grub treatments.

To learn more about these insects, visit our information page on the spider and the white grub.

CALL NOW! We are preparing 2016 season!

We work in the greater Montreal area, in Longueuil, Laval, the north shore and the south shore

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CALL US! or TEXT US! : 514-581-4456 /