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Latin name: Dermestidae


The length of adults can vary from 2 to 4 mm.
It has a rather oval shape
The color can vary: it may be brown or black,
with spots and yellow or white scales on the back.
The belly is covered with fine gray-yellow scales.
At rest, the antennas are folded into cavities of the thorax.
The eyes are slightly rounded.
The legs are short and retract under the belly.
The rear wings of beetles are hard and meet in the middle of the back
The larvae are brown and are fairly easy to recognize, they have tufts of three golden hairs at the end of the abdomen.
They are between 4 to 5 mm.


The female beetle can lay 30 to 100 eggs, which will hatch 10 to 18 days after.
The larval stage can last up to a year and adults live a month or two.


In homes, the larvae of beetles prey on carpets, woolen fabrics,
they can feed on wool clothes and other products coming
from animals.
They can be found in beds and they often enter the
house with cut flowers.


The carpet beetle infestations can often be avoided by a series of simple actions
install screens on windows, put screens on ventilation hatches,
Plug the holes in the foundation, clean clothes before storing them,
vacuum where there is a lot of dust and under carpets too.

Treatments can be applied but should be administered by specialists
to ensure that all sources of infestation are treated.

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